Girlamatic is a webcomics magazine publishing over 25 independently owned comic series. Girlamatic is just one of several sites belonging to the ComicSpace family.

Girlamatic’s mission, along with ComicSpace, is two fold: to empower comic creators and readers while also proving, again and again, that women and girls enjoy comics, read comics, and make comics.

As a leading “New Generation” comic book publisher, Girlamatic is committed to scouting and publishing professional, high-quality, creator-owned, gender-spanning comic series and related content online and, very soon, in print. As the only professional webcomics publication aimed at both women and men with the default mode: girl, we take pride in the fact that we, and our readers, don’t fit in the usual “target demographics.”

Girlamatic is proud to be forging the way with its interactive audience and collaborative creators to a new way of reading, collecting, and discussing comics. Empowering Creators and Readers since 2002.


Girlamatic, established by Joey Manley, was a member of the Modern Tales family of subscription-based webcomics anthology sites that began in 2001. Lea Hernandez (creator of Rumble Girls) edited the site from its launch on March 31, 2002, until October 1, 2005, when she handed the reins over to Lisa Jonte (creator of Arcana Jayne). On July 31st of 2009, Girlamatic relaunched with all free and all new content. The site is now home to unique blogs, dedicated comic reviewer, original podcast, and new Editor, Diana McQueen.

Girlamatic continues to scout and publish comics with a particular appeal for young adults and adult women.




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    D.C. McQueen
    Diana Cameron McQueen (DCM) began as editor for Girlamatic in April 2009. She also writes and draws Spades while she's not working the freelance thang, or acting on stage she organizing comic projec... (more)



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