Whip It Inspired Reader Gallery!

hero-wallheaderCheck out our cool new graffiti wall! I just recently saw Whip It directed by Drew Barrymore, and on top of it being great seeing another women director out there, it was a really great, feel-good movie.

After seeing it I though how well it really drove home the things that Girlamatic represents. Self-identity, good community, expressing yourself, and achievement. Also, the tag line “Be Your Own Hero” I thought was excellent and really played on through out the movie. The film didn’t pull any punches when it came to how to standing up for oneself, knowing when you’ve done wrong, and not putting up with crap from others, no matter how important to you they may seem.

It’s a good first flick for a new director, and I recommend it as a good way to kick off Fall movie season.

Even if you don’t see it stop by the wall, and contribute your art and stories! Muse on a life experience where someone inspired your to get out there. Or tell Drew Barrymore in an open letter what you thought of her directorial debut! Submit your Roller Derby Girl art! Dress up as a roller derby girl and take a picture! Are you a Roller Derby Queen? Tell us about your team and where you’re from, and what you love about it! GAM creators are participating too!

Thanks to Stevie Wison who created our own Girlamatic Roller Derby Girl! Thanks for your awesome art Stevie!

If you have time stop by the Webcomic Reader’s Choice Nominations and nominate Girlamatic for Best Community Site!    Create a free account to nominate. Girlamatic is listed in the drop down, and be sure to mention why you love the GAM community specifically.

Thanks for all your support, and thanks for reading, from all the GAM creators and myself!

Stay tuned for an awesome Gam-o-ween event starting on the 15th! Be Here!

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