2010 here we come!

2009 was a big year! It was an awesome year for many people I know personally, and it seemed like politically and financially the whole country was biting the big one.

A milestone you may have missed in comics was a former GAMmer, Erika Moen, ended her personal and quirky journal Comic called DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary. The comic began in 2003 and was included in one of Girlamatic’s original line-ups. We’ve been cheering on Erika ever since her departure from GAM toward her journey becoming a freelance artist! We’d like to give a shout out to Erika on this awesome 2009 milestone, and wish her a fabulously happy and exciting 2010!

Also in 2009, we announced the return of Chasing Rainbows by the enigmatic Svetlana Chmakova (Dramacon and Night School)! We’re immensely excited to have Svet back on one of our most anticipated series!
The start date will be announced soon! Stay Tuned!

If you haven’t yet heard our December podcast please check it out!

2010 Will hold a lot of new adventures for Girlamatic as a magazine, as well as publisher. 2010 Will see the first Girlamatic print magazine collection with your favorite comics to hold in your hand! Plus much much more by new and old GAM creators alike!

We’ll also be starting a Ustream and You Tube channel and we’ll be welcoming submissions in all media very soon for that!

Girlamatic of 2010 will also get a new coat of paint and some better features! Hold on to your hats folks :)

See you soon!
Diana McQueen

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