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Never Give Up. Never Surrender!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Hello, faithful Girlamatic readers and people stopping by for the first time!

Girlamatic has, quite possibly always been, in flux. And the latest outages are just the latest in a more than ten year history of fun and excitement.

Girlamatic has always stood for two things: creator rights and great story telling. We’ve had a lot of amazing artists publish on our site in the past and right now. They’re all doing amazing things on and off GAM.

It is my goal in the not to distant future, to make GAM more about what it does best: inspire great talent and collaborate with our community.

The changes are not over, but whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stay Tuned…

-Diana McQueen

Whip It Inspired Reader Gallery!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

hero-wallheaderCheck out our cool new graffiti wall! I just recently saw Whip It directed by Drew Barrymore, and on top of it being great seeing another women director out there, it was a really great, feel-good movie.

After seeing it I though how well it really drove home the things that Girlamatic represents. Self-identity, good community, expressing yourself, and achievement. Also, the tag line “Be Your Own Hero” I thought was excellent and really played on through out the movie. The film didn’t pull any punches when it came to how to standing up for oneself, knowing when you’ve done wrong, and not putting up with crap from others, no matter how important to you they may seem.

It’s a good first flick for a new director, and I recommend it as a good way to kick off Fall movie season.

Even if you don’t see it stop by the wall, and contribute your art and stories! Muse on a life experience where someone inspired your to get out there. Or tell Drew Barrymore in an open letter what you thought of her directorial debut! Submit your Roller Derby Girl art! Dress up as a roller derby girl and take a picture! Are you a Roller Derby Queen? Tell us about your team and where you’re from, and what you love about it! GAM creators are participating too!

Thanks to Stevie Wison who created our own Girlamatic Roller Derby Girl! Thanks for your awesome art Stevie!

If you have time stop by the Webcomic Reader’s Choice Nominations and nominate Girlamatic for Best Community Site!    Create a free account to nominate. Girlamatic is listed in the drop down, and be sure to mention why you love the GAM community specifically.

Thanks for all your support, and thanks for reading, from all the GAM creators and myself!

Stay tuned for an awesome Gam-o-ween event starting on the 15th! Be Here!

Milestones: Traffic & Shrub Monkeys @100!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Wow. So I’ve been a little tentative to mention how our stats have changed since the relaunch. I wanted to wait a whole complete month before celebrating. And well. The response has been overwhelming!

Thanks so much for reading Girlamatic! Our readership has more than doubled since relaunch, and we’re increasing exponentially every month so far. It seems everyone is pretty happy with the layout, if you have any questions or comment on any GAM event or comic, you can always join us in the forum!

I’m so excited about this news. The better we do the more we can do. And we have some HUGE things coming for your guys. We’ve got more new blogs launching, we’ve got a ALL-STAR Comic Creator making her RETURN to Girlamatic! We’ve got GAM-O-WEEN coming up very soon!

It’s almost officially fall, and I’m pumped for all the creators have got going on! Galaxion has started up again! Real Magic, a Galaxion creator mini, has concluded, and Galaxion is back in full swing with a color page!

Shrub Monkeys is AT 100 COMICS! KT is a comic juggernaut. :) CONGRATS on the awesome milestone KT!!

NEW TODAY is also Mad Sugar, Li’l Mell, Five Star, & Compass!

Soon we’ll have podcast number (finally) 2! (Due to some technical difficulties we’re having to switch servers that we host on, and we’ll get it all fixed for ya permanently!) And we’re planning a Halloween podcast, so be sure to send in your suggested topics and questions for GAM creators and operators! Lynn Lau will be graciously hosting for us again!

Happy September, Everyone! Stick around, much bigger things coming to town!

Welcome to Saturday again!

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Wow! Where did the week go!

Hope all of you have been having a good weekend so far! We’ve got new Godseeker, and new Five Star. Along with new Jeepers, new Li’l Mell, Faery Underground, and Claviger!

Lots of planning going on behind the scenes, we’re all gearing up for a crazy Halloween prep month! If you’ve been with us a while you’ll know that at Girlamatic we love Halloween. So much so that things go crazy around here! People start jumping comics, it’s all chaos. We hope you’ll enjoy the fun this year :)

Stick around and enjoy the forums of your favorite comics! Because if you’re in the north east of the US it’s a cloudy gray day!

Podcast #2 was delayed due to some changes in the girlamatic schedule! Also, so tech difficulties in getting our itunes feed changed. But all should resume as normal once those are fixed! We’ll be having more roundtable discussions very soon! And we’re going to be inviting YOU to the table. So stay tuned!

Be sure to read the final installment of Dollface’s first series on Mitsukazu Mihara’s Early Works.

And if you haven’t caught Ponyo yet, Hobotaku reviews says it’s a must for the Summer, and an insta-classic. Thanks again, Nick, and of course Miyazaki-sensei! Also, check out Nick’s review of the Horror Manga Uzumaki!



Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

So, I was going to tell everyone this morning that our NEW column launched: GEEK CHIC! A Humor & Advice column on actual fashion for every geek girl and boy. BUT YOU GUYS ALREADY FOUND IT! Click here to see the comments Ms. Leia is already getting and add your own!

That’s not all! This is Girlamatic! If that was all, you’d be on some other site somewhere else. ;)

If you “Tweet” you know what # means….okay,so those two things don’t go hand-in-hand.

The service’s [Twitter] application programming interface (API) allows other web services and applications to integrate with Twitter. Searches on the system make use of hashtags, words or phrases prefixed with a #. A search for “comics” would turn up all messages that included #comics.
-From Wikipedia

So, if you’re on twitter you may have seen #webcomicwednesdays. This along with #makecomics #comics #readcomics and #webcomics, have all been rapidly circulating through the webcomic universe on Twitter. Specifically, Girlamatic uses all of these to highlight certain tweets about updates, new content and exciting news happening on!

Well, we’ve got some milestones coming up on Girlamatic, so following us on twitter is the easiest way to get the latest from this site about all news, and related fun stuff.
I want to use Webcomic Wenesdays to give you guys an overview of the week, and tell you what’s headed your way the rest of the month:

Get ready for The Continentals launch. And ALL NEW Graphic Novel project from the Glyph Award nominated team who brought you G.A.A.K and the artist of the teamUA Frontiers.

The Continentals: It’s like Sherlock Holmes meets the TV show “The Avengers” with a dash of James Bond for flavor.

We’re excited for it to be apart of Girlamatic coming at the end of this month!

Be on the look out also for our tweets about our 7 year Gammiversary! 3 short years ago comics like Compass and Galaxion joined the Girlamatic Roster. Seven or more years ago comics like Spades, Bite Me, Jeepers, Gypsy and others joined. Some Finished others still going strong! And now we’ve got three 4 new comics starting. We’ve got some goodies in store for you beginning in September for our big 7th year.

Also NEW COMICS are: Li’l Mell, Mad Sugar, Compass, Five Star, Spades, Godseeker, Shrub Monkeys and Real Magic!

Check back everyday for more new surprises!