Andre originates from the Atlantic Region of Canada, land of Trees, the Queen and Beavers. Andre has been drawing Jeepers for over six years for Girlamatic, which is why it's ever so long. He's als... (more)
Comics [ Jeepers ]
Comics [ Spades ]
Dale is the writer/artist of the Rock & Roll fable Hold My Life. He currently lives in Washington DC .
Comics [ Hold My Life ]
Dylan Meconis
...was born late in 1983, in Seattle. ♦ Named after poet Dylan Thomas. The last name (meh-KOE-nis) is Lithuanian. ♦ Once she gained mastery over her motor functions, she immediately began drawing,... (more)
Comics [ Bite Me! ]
Rachel Hartman lives in Vancouver with her husband and son. They all like blackberries, and have the scars to prove it.
Comics [ Return of the Mad Bun ]
Comics [ Raggedyman ]
Ira Marcks
Ira is a teacher and visual storyteller.
Comics [ WITCH KNOTS ]
Jean Ciolek
Jean Ciolek is an aspiring comic artist who draws whenever she gets the chance. Her works are best described as a mix of dystopian fantasy, mythology, and dark comedy. Her inspirations come from com... (more)
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Karen Luk
Karen Luk is a freelance illustrator by trade and a writer by leisure. Her artwork has been exhibited at various venues such as Gallery Blu, Ohlone College, San Francisco Design Center, and part of th... (more)
Comics [ Raconteur ]
Kory Bingaman Francka was born three days before Halloween in 1984. She was named after a misspelled Harry Chapin song and now lives in the Ozarks, drawing comics about monsters that complain a lot.
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Kt Shy
Katie Shanahan is a storyboard artist by day and a spazzy, procrastinating comic artist by night! She's worked for four years in children's animated television programming (or in th' "kiddie cahtoon b... (more)
Comics [ Shrub Monkeys ]
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson is a mammal living in the Hudson River Valley, although she has been known to roam as far as Illinois or England. Primary interests include cartoons, folk music, crazy fantasy books, ... (more)
Comics [ Five Star ]
Layla Lawlor lives in Fox, Alaska: an unincorporated spot on the map about 11 miles north of Fairbanks. In the summer, we have 90-degree weather with nearly 24 hours of daylight; in the winter, -50F i... (more)
Comics [ Kismet ]
Leigh Dragoon
Leigh Dragoon is a writer/artist living with her husband in Northern California. Her webcomic By the Wayside won the 2004 Kim Yale award for Best New Talent. Leigh also scripted volumes 1 and 2 of... (more)
Comics [ By the Wayside ]
Lisa Gilbert
Comics [ Godseeker ]
Marisa Delvaille
Marisa lives in sunny southern California. She studied math in college, and graduated a couple times, and finally found a job doing something completely different. She is easily distracted, and has ... (more)
Comics [ Pressing Dawn ]
Matt Bayne
Comics rock. They ROCK! You can check more of Matt's online comics, including Integral (written by Chris Arrant), and his Harry Potter fan comics Malefic Malfoy and Remus Dreams over at webcomicsnatio... (more)
Comics [ Knights of the Shroud ]
Michelle Mauk
Michelle is an illustrator, designer, avid book and comic reader, and compulsive coffee drinker. She's worked in children's books, television, japanese food, and in manga publishing. Welcome to her st... (more)
Comics [ Mad Sugar ] [ Voyage Moyen ]
Pancha lives in San Francisco, CA where she wreaks genteel havoc with her sister Elena.
Comics [ Iceheart ]
Rachael Moore
Rachael Moore is a desert-dwelling engineer. She fell in love with comics when she was given some Jim Lee drawn X-Men trading cards in middle school.
Comics [ Pressing Dawn ] [ Unicorn Campaign ]
Ronnie Casson
From NYC now living in San Francisco. Addicted to noisy pop, caffeine, fashion and all things comic.
Comics [ Claviger ]
Shaenon K. Garrity is the creator and co-creator of more than her share of webcomics, all of which you can visit through She lives in San Francisco, where she works as a manga editor and... (more)
Comics [ Li'l Mell ]
Stevie Wilson
Known to many as SW and several variants, resides in NYC and slings coffee for a living. once upon a time was recruited by Madam Jonte, and worked reasonably hard for over a year on the tales of A... (more)
Comics [ Black Forest ]
Svetlana Chmakova
Svetlana was born and raised Russian, and came to Canada at the tender age of 16. She finished high school here, then graduated Sheridan College with a three-year Classical Animation Diploma and is cu... (more)
Comics [ Chasing Rainbows ]
Tara Tallan
Tara Tallan began work on her science fiction story Galaxion when she was twelve. Since then she has gone on to become a serious sci-fi nut, including having spent ten years working at Canada's oldest... (more)
Comics [ Galaxion ]
Terry Blauer
Hello, all! My name is Terry Blauer, and I draw all the art for Godseeker, hosted here on Girlamatic. I think my art is best explained by my background. I'm a art-history minor who's primary artist... (more)
Comics [ Godseeker ]
Traci Spencer
Lost and alone in the outback after wandering away from her fellow holidaymakers, young Traci was adopted and raised by a pack of freewheeling dingos. She was eventually enticed back to civilization w... (more)
Comics [ Compass ]