Dylan Meconis




...was born late in 1983, in Seattle. ♦ Named after poet Dylan Thomas. The last name (meh-KOE-nis) is Lithuanian. ♦ Once she gained mastery over her motor functions, she immediately began drawing, writing, acting, and singing. ♦ Seven years were spent germinating at the Northwest School, where even the popular kids were huge nerds. ♦ She then moved on to Wesleyan University, where she studied in the College of Letters, learning all sorts of things about history, literature, philosophy, and language, and lived in Paris for definitely not long enough. ♦ In between classes she drew Bite Me!, a comic involving vampires getting into humorous situations in the French Revolution. ♦
She graduated in 2005 and moved to Portland, OR, where she lives in a house full of cartoonists, writers, and cats. ♦ She hs produced artwork, visual narratives, and more for diverse companies from Microsoft to the Gates Foundation. ♦ The rest of the time she works on Family Man, a graphic novel about 18th century universities, religious doubt, and (eventually) werewolves, among other things. ♦ She's a member of Periscope Studio and serves the Stumptown Comics Fest. ♦ She loves a good story.

Comics & Blogs

  • Bite Me!
    Last updated: September 22, 2009 8:26 pm
    The French Revolution! A time of sweeping change, public uproar, and people realizing that they left their head in the other room. If you think being undead is a bonus, just ask the vampires of Paris, and---whoa, where'd they go?