Andre originates from the Atlantic Region of Canada, land of Trees, the Queen and Beavers.

Andre has been drawing Jeepers for over six years for Girlamatic, which is why it's ever so long. He's also currently drawing Chateau Wonderful on his WebcomicsNation site, which if you like Jeepers, you may want to check out.

Andre created the mascot of the Animaritime convention, Aphra of the Seven Stars, who has appeared in assorted comics, t-shirts, and other convention related merchandise. He's also drawn the 24 Hour comic Ohayo! Tanuki-Chan, a comic strip in university called Mouffette Machine which he may revive someday, a Lil'Mel short story, some Narbonic guest strips, and maintains a DeviantArt gallery. Because that's what geeks do.

He has many little plastic objects, and knows more about animation and comic books then anyone probably should.

Comics & Blogs

  • Jeepers
    Last updated: November 19, 2013 1:25 pm
    Jeepers is a cute little bunny who has as series of strange adventures.