Terry Blauer



Hello, all!

My name is Terry Blauer, and I draw all the art for Godseeker, hosted here on Girlamatic. I think my art is best explained by my background. I'm a art-history minor who's primary artistic training is in classical Dutch oil portraiture, who's read far too much shoujo manga. See? It all makes sense now, doesn't it? Well, except for the hatching, which I learned to do because my highschool math teachers insisted we work in pen for some reason, and I preferred drawing to math. In retrospect, learning a little algebra BEFORE I had to take the GRE might have been a good idea, but oh well. As is, I learned math much later from my lovely wife, Lisa, who writes Godseeker. Without her, I'd have no comic, and no graduate school.

Comics I'm loving right now include:
Fruits Basket
Girl Genius
Gunnerkrigg Court
Templar Arizona
Wapsi Square
Anything by Erica Moen or Lucy Knisley

Comics & Blogs

  • Godseeker
    Last updated: January 26, 2010 12:08 am
    A rebel goddess, a villainous plot, and as many dirty jokes as we can manage.