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A unique blog about dolls, doll-making, the history, the psychology, and symbolism behind them.
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Show and Tell Time

It’s been a while, but I’m back and it’s show and tell time, people! Here’s how it works: I’m going to talk to you about my new show “Shrouded Mirrors‚” and you – I mean YOU, are going to respond by commenting or emailing about your doll/art/doll art exploits. The most interesting/accomplished/just plain awesome of you will be featured in a future post. So respond, the power is yours!

Ok, I guess I’ll start with the ‚”Hey, cool, look what I can do a bit. As some of you know, I’m an artist, the dime-a-dozen painting-and-drawing type. But there is something that I do that is considered by some in my field as ‚”awesome” ‚”creepy” or ‚”umm…unique‚” As you’ve probably guessed by the tone of this blog, I make dolls.

It started as an exercise in grief after my great aunt died. She had been obsessed with dolls in a really weird way and after she passed I started to make them in rememberance of her. It was hard to do at first. I had to swallow my disgust because previously I had been more than a little creeped out by dolls. (probably because of my great aunt, but that is another story for another time.) Due to being the typical self-hating artist I muscled through the gag reflex and found out that I *gasp* liked making dolls. I found that there were things that I could say through dolls that I couldn’t say in any other media. An obsession was born.

And I have carried that obsession through to this latest show, “Shrouded Mirrors”, my second solo show at the Peacock Room lounge in Orlando Florida. This work is definitely my best to date and I am especially proud of the four crown jewels of the show: my recently completed ball-jointed dolls. The dolls are sculpted from imported stone-clay over a 4 month period and then finished with oil paints and powdered pigments. It took a lot of trial and error, the dolls that you see here are version 2.0, and I really feel happy with the outcome. As well as the dolls themselves, there are a few 2D pieces with doll themes. “She Sleeps with Eyes Open” is a drawing of Snow White as an unsleeping ball-jointed doll in a coffin full of apples. In “The Poetry of Rot” a doll head covered in twigs, poisonous mushrooms and creepy crawlies hurtles across the picture plane. There is also a subtle doll reference in “Jardin d’Hiver”, an oil painting on the theme of immaturity. A doll’s ball-jointed hand offers the main figure a tantalizing piece of forbidden fruit.

I hope that you have enjoyed this short tour of my cobwebed and doll-infested imagination. If you are in the Orlando Florida area, please come see “Shrouded Mirrors” at the Peacock Room. It will be up through Halloween.

I look forward to seeing your personal your offerings to the doll world!
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Geek Chic

CONTENT NOTICE: PG-13! A keen advice and humor column about fashion for the geek girl & boy.
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We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.

I was sincerely hoping to keep this column as light-hearted and humorous as possible but today on the women’s online magazine, Jezebel, I read something that made me somewhat introspective.
It’s a review of Youth Knows No Pain, a documentary by Mitch McCabe which just recently premiered on HBO. I won’t rehash the topics the excellent Latoya Peterson writes about in [...]

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Anime & manga reviews for the disenfranchised.
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Boys Over Flowers

Overall Rating: A+
Summary: A drama/romantic comedy shojo series created by Kamio Yoko. The TV series is a Korean adaptation of the Japanese manga. The story revolves around Geum Jan Di, a high school girl who works in her family’s dry cleaning shop and a fast-food restaurant. The story begins when Jan Di delivers some [...]

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Guest Blogs

Amazing guest bloggers log insight, wisdom, and experience from publishing, comics, and other pro fields.
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If I Can’t Squee, It’s Not My Comic-Con

Comic-Con was under siege.
An epic queue of Twilight fans camped out to get into the New Moon panel with Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart in the grand Hall H, apparently disrupting fans who wanted to see some of the convention’s other big panels, including the panel for Tron 2 and the one for James Cameron’s [...]

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