Let’s start this New Year off right!…?

I am currently stranded in Western Pennsylvania, which is not quite awesome. Well, ok, stranded is not the right word, but we missed the only train back to New York. Thank you, cab company which never showed up!

I don’t have any drawing stuff or scanner access, but luckily I do have my laptop and tablet, so I’ve been finally finishing up some of those older unfinished pages, and also correcting some of the atrocities that I committed against art. So that’s good! I’ll probably have a couple more old pages fully toned by the time I get home.

Happy New Year, folks! Or, if you are Chinese or Jewish or a very traditional Russian, have a nice day!

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  1. Seanan says:

    Heyyyyyyy I can’t see or comment on Pg. 210 :( Also, when I comment on anything on here right now the background is white and it’s hard to see the yellow text. Site revamp in process?

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