Yay! Sunlight! No more goggles! *dances around chair in celebration*

I’ve gotten so used to doing grey tones, though, I could probably continue on doing them for small areas of contrast and shadow (like the way I’ve done on this page, in the areas outside the airlock). What do you think? Do you prefer the stark black and white, or are the greys worth keeping?

Also, in case you missed it, I posted a sample script, with commentary, last Friday. It’s kind of an interesting look at one part of my creative process!

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  1. Ron Zinn says:

    I vote for the gray, but whatever you do, I love the artwork and the story. I dislike how slow the story goes (and I know that you can’t do much about it), but I look forward to each new comic. (I’ll just go suck my thumb and whine quietly over here). Keep ‘em coming-it’s great!

  2. Traci Spencer says:

    I love the grey tones, and wouldn’t say no to keeping them! Not to say the stark black and white doesn’t work, but grey does add a little something extra.

  3. Tero says:

    Wow, I never realized how thick the Hiawatha’s hull is.

  4. Prestwick says:

    But..but…I liked the dark! :(

  5. haraldthi says:

    Double-hulled. At least. That is, two or more hulls inside of each others, giving room for closed cells inside the (unified) hull. If there’s a hole in the hull (inside or outside) you have a chance to repair it while there’s still air inside.

    And… no boomboom but perhaps I guessed right in a way anyway? Difficult to get at indeed but not in the way I imagined.

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