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Godseeker Fun Fact!

Terry and I decided to hammer out the locations and time period we are dealing with in our little comic here. There were moments of “oh shit! Mammoths didn’t exist there! Tiras’s hut is impossible!” and “fuck! I can’t find any evidence of tigers…we NEED tigers…” and “uhm…were there crocodiles?” There were moments of “I don’t think we can make them travel that much,” and “damndamndamn—I don’t know if there are even volcanoes. Damn you Terry!”

Y’see—When I first started writing this—I assumed we were in India. Mountains right by jungles, volcanic activity, lots of tigers and crocodiles and, yes, mammoth-type critters. Also, I had a basic level of research about the area and the modern religion. But…well, as it turns out, the Indus River isn’t where agriculture started, and the ancient Sumerian’s pantheon was pretty close to mine. And Terry wanted to move it to the Middle East because…of some art thing that I’m sure was very awesome and that I’m also sure I didn’t understand.

Hey—I’m not the one with the art history background. I just write the words. She wanted to move it; history suggested that the story fit better there…so we moved it. And several months into it, and I realize that I forgot to check on some…key details.

I had a moment of pure panic, and started to look desperately at some research.

Whew. Fear not, folks. The story is ok—I only have to make some small assumptions, instead of shifting the habitat of some key species over a continent or two. I’ll let you know when I’m making a slightly-less then historically accurate statement—but you can be assured that I will never bring in something really impossible.

Except for magic. And y’know. The actually impossible stuff. This is still a fantasy story.

The Godseeker Fun Fact! will be a series of posts on stuff about the area; human history, flora, fauna, geology—you name it, or if you have a burning question, go ahead and ask and I’ll see if I can figure out the answer.

For this week—how’s about some tasty info about early farming in the Fertile Crescent?

Godseeker takes place in or near the heart of the Fertile Crescent. The village is located on the Tigris River.

The events in Godseeker would most likely have taken place just (give or take a couple of millennia) before 9000 BCE when people started to grow crops along River Nile in Egypt, River Tigris, and Euphrates in Mesopotamia, just before the Age of Agriculture starts. The first basic grains people in this area grew were wheat and barley, and were just starting to domesticate the grains by the simple means of only planting seeds from the best plants to produce bigger and better yields.

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Want more Godseeker in your life?

Hi all!

So, I finally bit the bullet and made Godseeker it’s own facebook page. You can find it here: http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Godseeker/205577931968?ref=nf yeah, I know, not exactly snappy, but what are you gonna do. Art, updates, and other goodies will be going up there, as they appear. It’s a good way to communicate with us as well, if you’d like.

Also, I’m considering getting myself a webcam for the primary purpose of making my own Ustream channel. What that would mean would be my pointing a webcam at a page I’m drawing, while I draw it, for your entertainment. If you went to go watch this Ustream (which is free) you could also log in to the chat, and ask questions/make snide comments/bug me about things while your there, as well as chat with other people watching. But, seeing as cameras cost money, I want to know if this is something you folks would be interested in watching. I’d be most likely to “broadcast” Wednesdays during the day, Monday evenings, Thursday evenings, and weekends. Because those are times I’m not at the ol’ day job.

So, would people be interested in that?

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Are you poor?

Hi folks!

This is your friendly neighborhood artist here, with a message for the less affluent among us. Spike, of Templar Arizona (http://templaraz.com/) is pairing up with Diana Nock, who draws The Intrepid Girlbot (http://www.intrepidgirlbot.com/) to make a special comic book for the likes of you and I. It’s going to be called “Poorcraft”, and it’s going to be about how to afford housing, food, entertainment, education, travel/transportation, and health care on infinitesimal amounts of money, in urban and suburban settings. Trust me guys, these are two ladies who know a thing or two about this subject. Their pro webcomic artists.

Lisa and I just plunked down $10 on Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironspike/poorcraft-a-comic-book-guide-to-frugal-urban-and) to help fund this comic, and to reserve one of these books for our very own. Kickstarter is this cool online company that allows people to pledge any amount of money to help fund projects that need some $$ to get off the ground. The people running the project put up a proposal, and offer rewards to those who pledge their money to the cause. Spike and Diana had a plan to raise $6000 by Dec., and it looks like they may make the full amount by the end of this week. So, I’m not suggesting this because “oh my friends are poor and they need your help!” I just think this is going to be a 100% awesome project, and everyone will want one. You’ll want one. You should go have a look. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironspike/poorcraft-a-comic-book-guide-to-frugal-urban-and. Seriously, I’ve talked to them, and they have some crazy ideas for you that will rock your socks off. Seriously.


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FallCon and a Ustream!

Hello everyone! And welcome new readers from FallCon! We had a really great time this year, despite the cold. 3/4ths of this post is about the awesome stuff I got there, and the awesome people I got it from, who you should check out. But first…..

This coming Thursday I will be doing a Ustream with Abby of The Green Avenger (http://www.green-avenger.com). Abby is a longtime friend of mine, and a fellow Black Hat Comic Collective member. For those not in the know, this means that you can go to a specific website (to be posted a little later) and there will be a live streaming video channel of us, working on art- either via a camera pointed at a work surface or just displaying the computer screen itself. You’ll also be able to hear us yammering about something-or-other. Usually comics. You can also join in a chat with the other people watching, and with us.

Anyways, I spent most of the con hanging out with my fellow BHC members, who I should do a post about some day. But, I got to spend some time with a few other comic creators I really admire. I spent the most time with Spike, of Templar Arizona (http:templararizona.com) chatting, watching Cats Don’t Dance, and harassing customers, and Abby. Templar is on my links page for a reason. Lisa and I love her comic. I bought the latest two books of it at FallCon this year! Yay! And also a Sincerist patch. Go check her and her comic out.

I also got to chat a while with Lucy Knisley, (http://www.lucyknisley.com/) whose work I’ve admired for a while now. From her I got Pretty Little Book (which sadly, seems to be unavailable to buy online) and Drawn to You, which she wrote as an in-comics conversation with Erica Moen (http://www.darcomic.com/) which also seems to be unavailable online. ALSO! I got from her a shirt illustrating different kinds of cheese (she’s a foodie) and two adorable watercolor sketches- one of her iconic fat cat, wearing a beet hat, and one of a chinchilla. They are AWESOME and now I need some small frames for them. I love Lucy’s frank, clean, expressive, appealing style, and her sense of color. Also, she always seems to manage autobio work in a way that holds your interest without being melodramatic, depressing, or too navel-gazing. As a fiction-focused artist who doesn’t even write, I can barely comprehend how hard that is to do.

Also, I got a portfolio critique from the lovely and talented Amy Hadley (http://tentopet.livejournal.com/) , whose currently drawing Madam Xanadu for Vertigo. I’ve liked her work for a long time, but since she’s started doing Madam Xanau her style has really crystallized to me. She was very sweet, and was able to give me some good, concrete advice.

That’s all for now, folks! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to scan in those sketches. Everyone should get to see an adorable sketch of a chinchilla in a dust bath.


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Hey all! If you look up at that toolbar up above the comic, you’ll see that a “links” page has been added. This contains a few worthy comics that we think you might like! Go check it out, have a look around, and check back over the next few weeks to see a few more additions.

Also, we got sent some more unusual fan art–this time they are characters from Champions Online. :) Darkstar–you rock!

October 6, 2009 | 2 Comments

Oi oi.

So, we are going to move to a one day a week update schedule till summer 2009. My internship is a four day a week, 10+ hour per day gig, and I just can’t do two of these pages a week.  I’ve got lots of buffer, so we’ll update on time, but in order to keep that buffer…ya’ll get the idea.  Check back for bonus material, and more bloggy posts by Lisa. Our update day will be Tuesdays starting…uhm…now.

sorry folks. less than 4 hours of “free time” per day means that something has to give–and It’s not going to be the quality of the pages or at the expense of the story.

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I’m all overjoyed to announce that Godseeker has it’s first official, nonsollicited fanart! Not only that- but fanart made from wool. How many other comics can claim that their first fanart was fiber-art? Check out the “fanart” page to have a look, and/or to submit your own fanart for the comic.

Special thanks to the lovely and talented Amara, for making this for us. She’s lovely.

September 15, 2009 | 2 Comments

The List

As a special Godseeker feature, our webpage now contains a section called “The List” which will be updated periodically. “The List” is a collection of things I’ve gotten so sick/irritated of drawing that I have banned their inclusion in future scripts. To absolutaly no avail.


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New wallpaper again!

And so, here she is- Sombath, Goddess of Fertility.

Be sure to check out the Bonus Art page for a special new Wallpaper in honor of her arrival.

September 8, 2009 | 3 Comments

Hey, look- bonus art page

We now have a “bonus art” page, containing one Godseeker wallpaper. More should be on it’s way soon. Today marks the end of my job and my school and internship are still 2 weeks away, so my plan is to get a lot of Godseeker art made soon! So check back, ok? ☺

I have a dream that someday I’ll have a stuff to put in the fanart section… (hint hint ;) )


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