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  • Title: Laosin
  • Created:
  • Submitted: November 27, 2006 12:00 am
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    Fanartist Comments:
    Morna (Knights of the Shroud)
    Image Size: 84 KB, 567 x 707 pixels
    Media: Photoshop 7
    Date: 7/27/03
    The character formerly known as Laosin... My linework here is pretty flawed, but I like the background.

    Creator Comments:
    He's got more detail on Morna's armor than I've ever drawn, and the light of the fireplace is fantastic! But that is typical of Jim, who, in the best way, is always raising the bar. Jim has an incredible webcomic called Outsider. Every page is well worth the wait.

  • Fanartist: Jim Francis
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