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  1. Bartimaeus says:

    Is it like, a given that something twisted has to happen to one of the adults in the chapter?

  2. Eledex says:

    wait… is that actualy the end?

  3. Mark says:


  4. Maarvarq says:

    So, Shaenon, are you planning more strips? It is just over a month since this last one went up, a mere bagatelle in webcomic hiatus terms. Bartimaeus, it appears that something has to happen to the current sub (and anyone in the area, like the spelunking “accident”), with the obvious exception.

  5. joe glow says:

    I’m hoping Shaenon’s just looking for a new artist.

  6. Thanks, guys. Right now I’m weighing my options for Li’l Mell. I’d like to have a different artist for the next storyline, but I can’t afford to pay anyone at the moment, so it may have to wait until I have time to draw it myself.

  7. Maarvarq says:

    Thanks, Shaenon. If you could keep us up to date with a post here every now and again, that’d be great.

  8. MitchellTF says:

    I just wanted to say, this is a great comic, and I hope it updates sometime soon. (The fact that Shaenon keeps at it is great.

    Tragically, all the artists I know cost money.