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The Boney Kings of Nowhere and the Four Horsemen are two of the bands that live in the Liverpool Avalon. The Kings is Alec Hyde’s bands (and the characters were originally created by Sheana Molloy, for those of you keeping score at home), and the Horsemen is lead by the centaur Zech and Elise is the drummer. The other characters you will meet in the comic later on! Exciting!

So here’s the deal:
Donate Anything
Any donation amount will get you either a Boney Kings of Nowhere or a Four Horsemen Wallpaper. Just tell me which one you’d like in the donation comments!
Donate $5 or more
You get both wallpapers!
Donate $20 or more
Photo 41
You get a FANCY-ASS high quality print of the actual band poster! It’s an 11×17inch print printed on 13×19 canon premium photo rag paper! It is gorgeous, kids! I will be putting this poster into my store soon, but I will be charging $25 for it, so if you want it, this is the best deal! It looks great up close and personal.

Just make sure you send me your email address and screen resolution when you donate, so I can send you the wallpaper! And if you buy a poster, send me your address! The poster might take a little while to get to you, as I may have to go and buy new paper here soon, but it will take no less than a couple of weeks to arrive. Depending on what time you donate, it might take a few hours to get your wallpaper. If you donate during the day, I will be at work, and cannot send you your wallpaper until I get home! But you’ll get it! Do not fear!

This offer will last until January 1st, 2010, so if you want these guys, get them within the next month and a half! The poster will be for sale in my store after the first of the year, but it’s gonna cost $25 instead of $20!

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    ey, ehm i know it’s not really relevant, but practically the same name ^^ http://www.myspace.com/thebonyking

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