Reader Questions! Doodle a Day until February!

Hey guys! I hope you liked Exchanges Part I: Handshakes! I am taking a break from doing the comic for a month, and Exchanges Part II: Heartbreaks will start on February 2nd!

But what’s going to happen in the meantime? Fear not! I have a fun game we can all play every day until Skin Deep comes back! What is that, you ask? It will be kind of a mixture of this old sketch meme andDoodle-a-Day!

This is what’s going to happen:

Ask a Skin Deep character a question, any question
- I will pick one of my favorites every day and doodle an answer to post on the website every day until the comic comes back!

What do you say? How does that sound, kids? Ask away! I might draw your answer and feature it on the website!

GUIDELINES: You might have a better chance of having your questions drawn out if you ask very specific questions. General questions are harder to answer and I will most likely not pick it to draw! : ) I also tend to favor questions that don’t have anything to do with the plot of the comic, or ask some personal preference or factoid about a character. Go nuts!

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82 Responses

  1. Vicki says:

    Merial: How long can you stay underwater?

  2. Ragsy says:


    What do you wanna be when you grow up?

  3. P.W. says:

    Dear Anthony: When you are in the saddest of sadnesses, what do you do to make youselft happy again?

  4. Megan says:

    Colin, did you come up with any other plans to get on the plane with Jim?

  5. Clairsical says:

    Dear Mrs. Finn, My question is related to the classic, “where do babies come from?” question, so I thought you might be the one to ask.

    What happens when two radically different critters, say a Nixie and a Jub-Jub Bird, have kids together?

  6. Kigs says:

    I apparently posted on the wrong thread. My apologies.

    To Michelle,
    “What is the most annoying everyday thing about being a Sphinx?”


  7. Jay says:

    Jim: When you got kicked by a centaur, where did he get you?

  8. Paleos says:

    I got a question for Michelle:

    Michelle, you’ve had a pretty crazy year, so what is your resolution for the New Year?

  9. Vicki says:

    Jim: Do you really need to brush your hair? Cause if it gets tangled you can just cut it off and it’ll grow back all smooth.

  10. Girkish says:

    Dear Madame U: How much do you charge for medallions once it’s transformed some poor schmuck- er, I mean, lucky guy or gal from “human” to a creature?

  11. Nick says:

    Eleanor: Do you ever wish you could travel outside of the Avalon?

  12. Salla says:

    Dear Jim, whats the coolest part about your life?

  13. Girkish says:

    To Gabe: Boxers, panties, or commando? (Forgive me, I couldn’t resist asking.)

  14. Girkish says:

    And one for Rupert: How are you and Jim related? Jim has called you cousins and a blood relation, but his mother appears to be all Gryphon, even if she is from Wonderland. Is there a Gryphon in your family tree, or does Mrs. Finn and her brood have recessive Jub Jub genes?

  15. Oliveman says:

    Hey Jim, since you’re so experienced, how do you WIN at Borogrove?

  16. sparks says:

    Anybody: What *is* Nemian code / What has Jonathan done to have it invoked?

    Also, since it seems like it isn’t something that is set for any immediate plot development and I’m sure there’s an interesting story there: What happened when Jim and Lorne got their medallions?

    Finally: What kind of magic can Mrs. Finn perform?

  17. Mikk says:

    Two questions!

    Kory: When Jim threw Michelle off of the cliff to teach her to fly she looked exactly like a thrown cat. Did you in fact throw a cat to see what it would look like?

    Zech: Have you come to Liverpool because you are wanted for hobo eating back in the states?

  18. Girkish says:

    Alec, Myra, or Madame U: Why are bugbear medallions shaped like spiders?

  19. Girkish says:

    Mary and James Finn: What do you two look like in Human form (if it’s alright with Kory for you two to show it)?

  20. Jessa says:

    Anyone and Everyone – What’s your favourite song – and do you sing it in the shower? ;)

  21. Oliveman says:

    To anybody and everybody:

    Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?

  22. Girkish says:

    To Anyone who can answer this question: I noticed that there seems to be a tradition of giving children that are born Gryphons and other creatures their medallions when they’re ten or so. Why ten?

  23. Wildlebendes says:

    Elanor/Rupert: Do you guys read any comic books?

  24. Luna says:

    Were all the Dragon types (western, Eastern, Wyvern etc) all decimated in the Dragons vs Sphynxes war?

  25. Aayrick says:

    Heyas. Thought I’d throw a couple quick questions out there. Been loving the comic and the responses :)

    Elise: How many attempts did it take you to get the right length on that chain piercing from your ear to your nose?

    Zechariah: What’s your favorite part about being a centaur? What’s your least favorite?

  26. Greenwood Goat says:

    I have so many questions, but most of the answers would be too spoilerific (especially the one about heredity).


    Dear Madame U, how do you keep those handsome serpents of yours in such excellent condition? And are they under full conscious control or are they semi-automonous?

  27. Kate says:

    Incase you don’t have enough questions to choose from, I thought up one today at work.

    Wonderlanders: What kind of opinion do you lot have of Lewis Carroll?

  28. Rin says:

    Finn Family, do all gryphons have huge amounts of energy when they are young? (Like Jim and Collin?)

    I only ask because reading previous questions I’ve noticed that when people first meet Jim he’s just a bundle of energy and the kid meeting him is kind of nervous.

  29. Xodiac says:

    I just read Ridiculous Creatures. Loved it. So what are some OTHER creatures from myth and legend that don’t exist (Jim thinks) in this setting?

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