Gryphon Medallions for Sale!

Medallions for sale! Click here to buy!

Hey guys! No Reader Question for today (but keep asking questions! I have a whole month left before Exchanges chapter 2 starts!) because I was working on getting these little beauties up for sale! While I love the sphinx medallions a lot, I learned a bunch from them and feel like I made the gryphon design a lot better and more readable! I also learned about shipping, and both medallions now have lower shipping costs! Hooray!

I’ll have another reader question up for tomorrow!

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  1. Nezdragon says:

    Ooh, shiny. I don’t suppose any dragon medallions are in the works?

    Also, a question for the questiony-thing (since I’m lazy, I’ll post it here): How does interspecies breeding work? You showed that Rupert and Jim’s parents are siblings, yet they’re from two different species. Plus, I believe it mentioned somewhere that Jim’s mother and father are different species of gryphon. To what extent is interspecies breeding ‘viable’ in terms of offspring?

  2. Scotty says:

    Heya Kory
    Happy!! Been waiting for these! One on order now!
    Can’t wait ;)
    From Oz

  3. Jessa says:

    OOoooooh! Just caved in and ordered mine, eeee! X3 I’m such a silly girl wasting my money like this. Very cheap for me in the UK though – and I’m interested in this tag tracking thing!! :)

  4. Jack says:

    I’d buy a pooka medallion without a second thought, however I doubt there being one any time soon (I can’t imagine there being much call for it), but still, what would one look like?

  5. Joshua says:

    what is/are the next medallions going to be? I second Nemean Lion and also propose Bugbear

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