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As you all have probably noticed, the site has been acting up lately, displaying broken images, giving commenting errors, not loading all the way, etc.

I am aware of the problems. They are problems caused by Girlamatic updating Wordpress over the weekend, and I have 100% absolutely no ability to fix any of the problems. Let me repeat: I have no way to fix the problems. The people who DO have the ability to fix the problems know about it, and they’re working on fixing it, and it has gotten steadily better since the weekend. Telling me that an image isn’t working will do no good, as I am at the mercy of Girlamatic with this issue.

If you do feel the need to tell someone about the problems, you can contact Girlamatic through their twitter or make a post on the forums about it. Like I said, they are aware of the problems and we’re all working as fast as we can to fix the bugs. The problems have largely been fixed for most people, but it’s still acting up for some people.

Workarounds and Tips until the Site Is Working Properly Again
• I’ve been posting the reader questions every week at my deviantART account
• If you are trying to comment and you get an “Internal Server Error” message DON’T PANIC. 9 times out of 10 the comment has been successfully posted. Try refreshing the page to see if your comment is there before making a new comment.
• Some readers have told me that downloading the image by right-clicking on it and saving it to the desktop will work, if the image is not loading all the way.
• Try clearing our your cache, as the site problems may have been fixed, but your browser is still loading up the buggy version of the page.
• Be patient! If these problems continue into next week when the comic starts up again, I will mirror the comic over at my old WCN page, so you’ll be able to read the comic no matter what happens.

Thank you all for your patience, and I’m sorry this is happening! Just take solace that it is happening during the comic’s hiatus instead of in the middle of a comic scene, right?

I don’t mean to sound grumpy, but people keep telling me about the site errors, and it’s making me feel pretty worthless because there is nothing I can do about them!

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  1. Caitydid says:

    Well, by whatever lucky circumstance, I never did have problems! (So that’s one person!) I had a page not load the other day, but my internet connection is kind of persnickety and hinky anyway, so I automatically assume anything is first and foremost the fault of my ISP, since it’s always the fault of my ISP. I know when I worked for tech support it always drove me up a wall when we’d post everywhere and change the answering message to say that we knew things were down, but people still figured they needed to let us know anyway. We couldn’t fix it cause we weren’t the guys in charge of it.

    Also I loved loved loved the reader question today. It was awesome!

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