Reader Question 30

Last Reader Question guys! I’ll see ya’ll Tuesday! I hope everybody is as excited as I am about the new chapter!

Attention: See the blog post below for information about the site bugs. I’m aware of them, and they are being fixed. Slowly, but it’s being fixed. If it is not fixed by Tuesday, I will be mirroring the comic up at my old WCN site, so NO WORRIES. :D

I thought I’d wrap up Reader Questions with three questions about Madam U from Acinonyx, Joshua, and Kira! I can’t believe I went 30 questions without drawing Madam U! I fixed that! Yay!

See you Tuesday!

Don’t forget about the gryphon medallions for sale!

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  1. Tali says:

    Yeah, I saw that “what is your favorite color?” question a couple days ago, and had a good chuckle.

    However, now I’m curious – Kory, if you would be so kind as to answer this – is Madame U born blind? Or did she suffered a genetic disease that caused gradual loss of sight throughout her life? Or was her eyes injured (didn’t looks to be the case). As a biology freak, I’m rather curious! :)

    (Truthfully, I’m always curious about the specifics of disabilities of the handicapped characters. I’m born profoundly deaf, you see.)

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